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Frequently Asked Questions about Outsourcing your Medical Billing


Q:  Will our office have to completely change the way it is recording patient encounters to "download" to a billing center, or prepare special forms required by the billing center?

A:  At ChiroBill, we will work with whatever system for reporting encounters you are currently using.  If you use Superbills, Fee Slips, a Daysheet (daily log), or a computer generated report, we will be able to use it with little to no change on the part of your office staff. 


Q:  Will outsourcing the billing confuse our patients?

A:  At ChiroBill, we give your patients the efficient, courteous service they deserve.  Our patient statements are professional and neat, but easy to understand.  If you choose to have the patient billing calls directed to our office, just give your patients our business card, and let them know to contact us for any billing concerns at (925) 706-9884. We are always happy to speak directly with your patients.


Q:  Will we be receiving the payments directly?  I don't want a billing center getting the payments from the insurance companies and from my patients.

A: We don't ask that any payments be sent to our office.  You will receive all the checks, EOBs, and correspondence from insurance companies, and all patient payments as well.  We will need a copy of the EOBs to credit the accounts, but at no time do we ask that the money be sent to us, or that checks be made payable to us.


Q: What do I gain financially by outsourcing my billing to a billing center?

A: By using ChiroBill, you are hiring an expert in chiropractic and physical therapy claims, whose claim education is continuing, and who can work without the distractions of a busy office.  Past due claims are followed-up on a regular basis.  Your claims, particularly when filed electronically, will be submitted promptly and correctly, and you will get payment back faster from the insurance carriers, who give priority status to electronic claims.  Since full time employees are often the single largest expense for a business, you save in other areas as well, such as vacation pay, benefits, training and seminar costs, and substitute coverage.