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Electronic Claims Billing & Patient Account Services

ChiroBill specializes in Chiropractic billing and collections. With over twenty years of experience in California, we offer much more than just insurance billing. Extensive knowledge of billing and coding, combined with a thorough understanding of Chiropractic philosophy make us an extension of your office.

ChiroBill serves Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and Speech Therapists throughout California.


To advise the Chiropractic Doctor in legal, ethical ways to be reimbursed fully for the services he or she performs.  To employ the highest integrity and honesty while advising Chiropractors and office staff regarding financial issues with patients and insurance companies. To minimize rejected claims by ensuring that they are sent out without coding errors or missing information, to let no unpaid claim “slip through the cracks.”  To utilize electronic billing as much as possible to allow for speedy reimbursement.  To help the doctor maintain the good doctor-patient relationship they’ve worked so hard to develop.



About Joanne Queiroz

A former Chiropractic Assistant, I began working for my parents, Dr. Fred Cochran and Dr. Peggy Sherman, in 1990.  I left my job in the front office and opened my own billing service in 1997, which allowed me to work from home while raising my two children.  It also allowed me to focus on the part of the front desk job that I most enjoyed, the insurance billing.

Each staff member is continually training in Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy billing and coding practices.  Please feel free to contact any of us with any questions you might have.

Contact Information

Joanne Queiroz


Antioch, CA 94531