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All We Need From You...

·         Complete patient and insurance information

·         Superbills, fee slips, or daysheets with daily charge and payment information

·         Any applicable referrals, authorizations, reports, etc. required to support a claim


What ChiroBill is Responsible For...

·         Review & edit billing and coding accuracy on claims

·         Prepare & process primary, secondary, & etc. claims as appropriate, including maximum electronic processing

·         Track, follow-up, coordinate & rebill claims as required

·         Review EOBs for correct payment - make corrections or bring to client's attention possible corrections which may improve reimbursement, and send off appeals for any insurance underpayments or errors

·         Notify the client of any reports or information required by the insurance company

·         Prepare & process monthly patient statements

·         Prepare & issue office management reports, including mailing lists

·         Respond to insurance and patient billing inquiries in a timely fashion